Pam and Pascha’s Story

Life Sharing is a unique opportunity for an individual with intellectual disabilities to become part of a family...

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Life Sharing is a unique opportunity for an individual with intellectual disabilities to become part of a family while receiving all of the services to which the individual is entitled through the Title XIX Waiver program. Passavant Memorial Homes is blessed with Lifesharing Providers who are dedicated to welcoming such a person into their household not simply to provide foster care, but as a real member of the family. The following is a wonderful Passavant Success Story.

Pam’s Story…
Pam spoke at the wedding reception, saying, “There were three things I always dreamed of having: a great family, a job, and a swimming pool. I now have all three, but the most important is the family love that I receive from everyone.”

We asked Pam why she liked Lifesharing and she replied, “If it wasn’t for my family, I wouldn’t be where I am today… I’m having the time of my life living in my home. Joining Curves, learning to fold clothes, learning to cook and bake, and make the best coffee ever…” All of these experiences have given her a new sense of self-worth. Her family has loved watching Pam grow and seeing her gain confidence has been wonderfully rewarding for all concerned. Pam’s rule: “The weekends are reserved for relaxing – it’s not necessary to make the bed!” On the weekends, however, it is necessary for Pam to hang out in her PJ’s watching movies and playing Phase 10 which she loves to play every time she gets the chance.

Pascha’s Story…
“I worked three twelve-hour daylight shifts and three twelve-hour midnight shifts. All I did was work. I prayed to God for an answer, and the answer He provided was Lifesharing.” As a Passavant Lifesharing Provider, Pascha receives a stipend (earnings) as well as room and board payments that subsidize household costs. Pascha continued, “Lifesharing has allowed me the freedom and time to do things I never got to do. I never thought life could be so full of new experiences, not only for me, but also for Pam. Helping people is one of Pam’s many gifts, and she blesses me everyday – not only me, but my whole family. My family loves her, and she loves them.”

After becoming a Passavant Lifesharing Provider, Pascha got married. Pam was a bride’s maid in the wedding, but also, as part of the ceremony, Pascha and her husband presented Pam with a promise ring. The ring, absolutely now one of Pam’s most prized possessions, is a symbol of their promise to her that she would always be first in their lives.

Pam, on how she got her first job at Sears:

How I Got My Job!
Pam on how I got my first job at Sears. I had a great job at Kmart; however, it saddened me to hear it was closing in December of 2014. I had loved my job for three years there until it closed. One day I was shopping with my sister Pascha, and we were checking out and met Kristen the Boss at Sears. I was telling Kristen how I loved working at Kmart and told her that I’m a hard worker, and if you ever need help to “let me know and maybe I could work for Sears, they are sister companies! So she gave me her card and told me to call her in two weeks. This started the process for Pascha and me. We called and we put in my application on the computer, it took a long time. Then we had to take tests…a lot of them! However, Jesus says in Romans 5:3-4 “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” That Hope is what I clung to for about two months. The day I heard back from Kristen was the best day ever. I got hired at Sears! Then more tests to follow. While I was taking the tests I told Pascha that she should get a job too! So she did and now we work together doing the stock. She has taught me a lot. Now I have experience taking out racks of clothing, organizing by size and color, and tagging. Mens, womens, children, purses and belts too! I never thought or imagined that I would have so much opportunity to learn so many things and have such a good time, whether it be Kmart, Sears or your own dream job, never give up hope! All things are possible with God! Be blessed.

P.S. Now, go get your own job!