Community Residential Services

Passavant operates more than one hundred twenty Community Residential Homes throughout Western Pennsylvania...

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Adult Residential Program

Passavant operates more than one hundred twenty Community Residential Homes throughout Western Pennsylvania, providing supportive environments for persons with intellectual disabilities through our qualified residential staff 24 hours each day.  As well as traditional supports in community residential settings, some of our homes provide unique supports, and adult autism waiver services where the surroundings have been customized to optimize the support being provided to the residents.

What is a Community Home?

Individuals living in our community homes become a family and enjoy sharing their home with friends and extended family.  They enjoy quiet family living in residential neighborhoods with staff support available 24 hours a day.   Every individual is encouraged to enjoy a variety of vocational, recreational, spiritual and leisure opportunities.   Transportation is always available, and staff assist residents as they choose and participate in events and activities in areas of personal interest.  Individual support for all community home residents includes:

  • Supervision and training in the activities of daily living, especially personal hygiene
  • Socialization
  • Assistance with educational needs
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Medication administration

Transportation is provided to work, training programs, and all necessary professional appointments.  To the greatest extent possible, Passavant strives to ensure that each individual’s needs as well as their wants and desires are fulfilled.

Children’s Residential Program

Passavant provides a continuum of services to children and adolescents with dual diagnosis.  These individuals are at risk, and their support requires multi-system involvement to appropriately meet their needs.  Committed to providing an environment with its primary focus on Therapeutic Teaching, we believe that even the most complex individuals can grow in competency.  The goal of Passavant’s Children’s Residential Program is to empower individuals to develop the skills necessary to successfully return to their families and/or communities.  The programs operate from locations in Beaver and Westmoreland Counties, and support children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities and mental health diagnoses, male and female, between the ages of 2 and 18.  Because we offer a continuum of services, transitioning to Passavant Adult Programs is made easier for children already supported in our Children’s Residential Program.

Therapeutic Teaching Environment

  • Therapeutic environment where teaching and mentoring are the primary focus
  • Individualized supports
  • Unconditional commitment
  • Degreed, trained professional staff
  • Advocacy to promote quality supports
  • Consultation with educational placement and other team members
  • Comprehensive assessment which includes behavioral and psychiatric needs
  • Family participation in the treatment process

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