CJ’s Story

Do you know who played The Mummy in the 1932 movie by the same title?...

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Not So Trivial Trivia

Do you know who played The Mummy in the 1932 movie by the same title?   Do you know who the makeup artist was that spent eight hours every day applying the Mummy make up to the actor who’s the answer to the first question?  The answers to these and countless other questions relating to vintage horror films are readily gained by starting a conversation with CJ, one of Passavant’s Lifesharing Program’s brightest stars. CJ simply loves these old movies, and knows lots of details even the most knowledgeable movie authority may have already forgotten.

CJ has been living with his Lifesharing Provider, Mike, for the past 6 years.  The rest of his team is comprised of his Support Coordinator, Bobbi, and his Passavant Lifesharing Specialist, Amy. CJ attends school in the Marion Center District, and has steadily progressed to now working at a 10th Grade level in some of his classes.  “At his previous school, they only had him working at a 5th Grade level, and it was obvious that CJ was capable of a more challenging curriculum”, Mike shared.  “He continues to thrive and his speech and writing have greatly improved, especially over the past year.” CJ received an A+ in his Theater Class – no surprise – and helps with the school’s theatrical productions.  Through the ARIN IU 28 Extended School Year Program, he will be attending classes again this summer at IUP.

Bobbi and Amy have also seen substantial improvement in CJ’s physical abilities.  They both agree that along with other skills, his ability to walk with a walker and consistently stand at a table have increased dramatically.  Always positive and highly motivated, when asked what he sees as his greatest achievements over the past year, CJ says with a broad smile, “better independence and learning more”.