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Why work at Passavant Memorial Homes?...

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Why work at Passavant Memorial Homes?

We value quality staff, and offer competitive wages and benefits!

Passavant is committed to a team-oriented work environment that exemplifies a participatory management driven process, and is characterized by staff development and advancement.  Promoting this philosophy, and valuing every employee’s talents, initiative, and leadership skills will assure every consumer and family member the utmost in quality support and care.  Passavant values quality staff as they make significant, every day contributions to the individuals we serve.  We are committed to offering the most competitive wage and benefits possible to all of our staff.

Employment Opportunties

At Passavant Memorial Homes, we offer competitive employment through the following job opportunities:

Full Time Positions
Part Time Positions (31 hours or less)
Block Shift (32-40 hours in a straight 2.5 working days)
PRN (On Call/As Needed)

Staff Training

Quality employees are the key resource to assuring a high quality program.  Passavant provides a required training program to all new employees through which they receive an introduction to Passavant Memorial Homes, training on policies and procedures, programming, and topics related to specific job functions.  Staff are also certified in First Aid, CPR, and a state approved medication administration training program.  Staff receive frequent on-the-job trainings at their particular worksite prior to becoming fully active employees.  Throughout the year, staff participate in ongoing educational activities to remain updated, learn best practices, and increase their knowledge base.

Current Available Positions

For a complete list of current available positions, please visit: