Beverly’s Story

Many individuals who receive care at InvivaSpan Health (ISH) clinics provide memorable experiences...

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Many individuals who receive care at Accessible Dental Services (ADS) clinics provide memorable experiences that will always remain with you. Beverly, a resident in one of Passavant Memorial Homes’ community homes, is one such individual. As an introduction to the following story, know that she always, upon arrival at her appointments, quickly flashes her friendly smile and says “Hello”, lighting up the entire clinic. It is truly a joy and a privilege to care for her.

Beverly happens to be a huge fan of Batman and she makes certain everyone knows it. She has several treasured photos in which she is dressed in a Batman Costume. She would always bring the photos along to appointments so the clinic team could see them; these pictures were truly quite special to her. One day, instead of the photographs, she brought along a picture of Batman that she had recently drawn. During her appointment time, Beverly proudly showed the picture to the dentist. The exchange between the two of them regarding this newly created, hand-drawn artwork was priceless to witness! Immediately, Beverly’s drawing was made part her official chart and has been brought out and celebrated at many of her subsequent appointments. Beverly’s accompanying staff truly appreciated not only the enthusiastic exchange between her and her dentist, but the inclusion of her original, one-of-its kind drawing in her chart. They could tell that the ADS team really cared about each patient and “remembers the special things that are important to each individual”.

The House Coordinator at Beverly’s home captured the essence of ADS clinics by saying, “ADS clinics provide the best dental appointment experience possible, and everyone involved is so friendly and personable. I fully believe there is no limit to what the clinic team will do to keep their patients healthy and happy.”