Behavioral Health

At Passavant Memorial Homes, we support individuals with behavioral health diagnoses as they redefine ...

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“Quality care for individuals with behavioral health needs.”

At Passavant Memorial Homes, we support individuals with behavioral health diagnoses as they redefine their roles in the areas of work, education, socialization, and living environments.  Through Passavant’s two Long Term Structured Residence (LTSR) programs – Allegheny County residents are supported at our Rochester LTSR, and Westmoreland County residents at our Westmoreland LTSR – these adults can begin to identify and target roles that may have been lost to them due to the symptoms of their illness.

Passavant Memorial Homes offers a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Approach

Our LTSR programs provide care such as nursing, psychiatric services, counseling, and rehabilitation activities in a highly structured residential setting.

  •  Onsite psychiatric consult each week to monitor medications and symptoms
  •  Medical appointments and follow-up care
  •  Crisis intervention
  •  Group and individual rehabilitation activities geared toward identifying and choosing social, learning, living, and working roles
  •  Discharge planning
  •  Treatment Team process
  •  Recreation and community activities

Do I qualify for services?

To be eligible for admission to a Passavant LTSR, a prospective resident must:

  • Be an Allegheny County resident to be admitted to the Rochester LTSR; be a Westmoreland County resident to be admitted to the Westmoreland LTSR.
  • Be 18 years of age older.
  • Have had a physical examination and psychiatric evaluation not more than 6 months prior to application.
  • Qualify for voluntary treatment under section 201 of the act (50 P.S. § 7201), involuntary treatment under Section 304, 305, or 306 of the (50 P.S. § 7304-7306).
  • Have a physician’s certification that the applicant does not require hospitalization, nursing facility care, or a level of care more restrictive than an LTSR written within 30 days before admission.
  • Evidence of a severe psychosocial disability as the result of a serious behavioral health diagnosis that indicates a less restrictive level of care is inappropriate.

Supported Living/Housing Support

Passavant provides supports to individuals with mental health needs or intellectual disability diagnoses who live in their own residences or are in transition to living in the community.  The goal of our Supported Living/Housing Support program  is to promote self-sufficiency and individuality, and to maximize the individual’s potential for independence.  Assistance may include financial management, housing, medication management, health maintenance, transportation, nutrition, and daily living skills.  Each participant is active in the planning and implementation of their supported living goals.

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