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PMHF Community Service Scholarship

Please click on the following link to access the current application:

2019 PMHF Community Service Scholarship

Application deadline is April 26, 2019.

The PMHF Community Service Scholarship in memory of Jamie Ellenberger was established by CEO and President, Rick D. Senft, in honor of a young man who clearly demonstrated the achievements that are possible for persons with intellectual disabilities. Jamie successfully transitioned from living at home to becoming a member of his new residential community. During the time he resided in the Passavant Memorial Homes Community Residential Program (1990-1997), Jamie was an active and contributing member, both in community-based activities and in Passavant’s vocational training program. His untimely death in 1997 saddened all who knew him, but through the establishment of the PMHF Community Service Scholarship in memory of Jamie Ellenberger, he will be remembered as a unique individual who lived a fulfilling and productive life with the advocacy and support of his community.

On an annual basis, Passavant approaches more than 100 school districts in its areas of operation to make applications for the Jamie Ellenberger Scholarship available to graduating seniors who are pursuing post high school educations. The opportunity to apply is available to all qualifying seniors in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Passavant Memorial Homes Foundation (PMHF) was created in 2001 to support Passavant Memorial Homes (PMH) and its commitment to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities, autism, and behavioral health needs. PMHF ensures the financial stability of PMH’s quality programs, which care for spiritual, social, physical, and emotional needs while promoting choice and independence. We are committed to providing the highest quality supports to the individuals we are privileged to serve. PMHF upholds the contention that all people have the right to lead full, productive, and independent lives.

The PMHF Community Service Scholarship was created in memory of Jamie Ellenberger. Jamie was a young man who PMH was privileged to serve. He thrived in his community despite adversity. Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Jamie successfully transitioned from living in a state facility to becoming an active member of his new residential community at PMH.

While part of PMH’s community residential program, Jamie was an enthusiastic and contributing member of society, both in community-based activities and in our vocational training program. His positivity and perseverance were always paired with kindness and a smile. After his passing, this scholarship was established in his honor, so his legacy can continue to make a lasting impact in the community in which he loved being a part of.

Through our scholarship program, we hope to encourage local students to pursue a post-secondary education as well as take a renewed look into their community and to find unique opportunities to become a part of its furtherance. We want our youth to recognize that community service can provide opportunities to acquire valuable life skills and knowledge as well as provide a service to those who need it most. We want to show students that their actions can have a lasting and a positive impact on our society at large. Community service can teach compassion and acceptance; it can foster cultures of inclusion and advocacy; it can build positive, lifelong relationships that can ultimately strengthen our communities. We want our next generation of leaders to experience that.

Annual Food Drives

Each year, Passavant Memorial Homes staff members generously donate and deliver food items to support local food banks and other food distribution organizations in Passavant’s areas of operation.  We welcome area individuals and organizations to join us in this effort.

Operation Safety Net

Operation Safety Net (OSN) originated in Pittsburgh as a street medicine program, with the founders, Dr. Jim Withers and Mike Sallows, making “house calls” at night under bridges, along the riverbanks, and in abandoned buildings.  It is now a model for at least 21 US cities, and 11 international cities, and was the subject of the documentary, “One Bridge to the Next”. Operation Safety Net provides an array of services to Pittsburgh’s homeless.  In support, Passavant staff generously donate and then deliver cold weather clothing items and blankets to this worthy initiative.  On a pre-determined winter night, Passavant staff prepares and delivers a hot meal to OSN’s overnight shelter in downtown Pittsburgh.  We welcome cooperating participation and donations.

Salvation Army Toy Drive

For many years, Passavant staff have participated in The Salvation Army’s Treasures for Children program.  By selecting an Angel Tag from the Christmas Trees located in each of the Passavant branch offices, a child’s gift request is identified, purchased and returned, unwrapped with the angel tag attached, to the branch office where the tag originated.  The gifts are then wrapped by the child’s parent(s) thus making the difficult situation of asking for help at Christmas just a little bit easier.

This program has literally made thousands of gifts available to participating families in the Pittsburgh region.  Passavant is proud to be a long-time, loyal sponsor of this compassionate initiative.