Message from Rick D. Senft

A message from CEO and President, Rick D. Senft....

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A message from the CEO and President, Rick D. Senft.

As I begin my 28th year at the helm of the Passavant Memorial Homes Family of Services, I bring to you a message of great appreciation for the many blessings we have experienced across this past year. Most notably, we continue to experience growth and innovation to improve the lives of the individuals served through our “Family of Services” including: Passavant Memorial Homes, PDC Pharmacy, Life Enrichment Trust, Accessible Dental Services, InvivaSpan Health and the Passavant Memorial homes Foundation. We are blessed with dedicated staff who endeavor to exceed the expectations of each person we are privileged to support, working to provide extraordinary levels of quality and satisfaction. Additionally, we continue to benefit from the works of devoted board members who provide guidance and support to each of our businesses through their service on our Boards of Directors.

As we look back over the past 27 years, we recognize the evolution of our great organization, initially serving a handful of individuals on one campus, to a premier Human Service Organization serving individuals across our commonwealth and across the United States. Those first days spent at Passavant were challenging and rewarding, working with the caring staff and the dedicated board of directors, we made great strides in the improvements needed across the campus facilities. The mountain of work that lay before us included the need for repairs in the facilities, to implement advancements in training programs, and opportunities for paid employment. The task was immense.

As we began our “work”, we focused on making the necessary improvements and developing solutions to the daily challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and their families. We knew immediately that we had changes to make that would take time, training and commitment, encouragement to individuals and families, and the involvement of community leaders. We worked diligently to secure commitments from the leaders within the local counties and Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. We worked to implement our plan that would bring dignity and respect into every aspect of an individual’s life. We encouraged each individual to achieve their dreams, and worked to open a world of possibilities for those in our care, their families, the dedicated staff, community leaders and potential neighbors.

Over these past 27 years, we have achieved great things on behalf of the individuals we are blessed to serve. With community living, came a new set of challenges: developing relationships with the neighbors and officials, finding community resources to meet physical, spiritual, and intellectual needs. Finding a doctor, a new church, the local grocery, all became an adventure, not only for the individuals we serve, but their staff and families as well. Breaking down barriers of prejudice and fear became a daily occurrence. Along the way we continued to overcome obstacles by developing solutions that allowed us to break through barriers and embrace living in the community.

As of this writing, the Passavant Memorial Homes Family of Services supports over 10,000 individuals as we continue to live by our mission: To empower individuals with intellectual disabilities and behavioral health needs to live successfully in the community.

Today, we cherish the memories of this evolution, and truly appreciate all those who have helped to get us here. Nothing has brought more satisfaction than the pure joy and sense of accomplishment that we have witnessed when an individual has felt they were finally in a place they called “home”. How blessed we are to have been on this journey together.
Rick D. Senft
CEO and President

Rick D. Senft