“Are there any limitations to when I can visit my family member?”...

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Are there any limitations to when I can visit my family member?”

Family members are welcome to visit at any time. Since many individuals often participate in a variety of community activities, it is wise to call ahead to make certain an individual will be home, especially if you are traveling a long distance.

“Are family members included in team meetings?”

Family members are vital participants to the team that supports an individual. Passavant values the family member’s knowledge, involvement, and input.

“How is information shared with families?”

Information regarding an individual’s progress, participation in events, health, medications, and other sensitive or confidential matters will be communicated to the contact person by the Program Director, the House Coordinator. Information is shared through written documentation, and team meetings.

“Is there a large amount of staff turnover?”

Passavant Memorial Homes is proud to be able to state that their Corporate Management and Administrative Staff have an average of ten years experience with the company, and over 20 years experience in the field. Since Passavant offers competitive wages and a great benefit package, we also have one of the lowest turnover rates of direct care staff in the region.

“What type of training does staff receive?”

Passavant exceeds the Commonwealth’s requirement for staff training. Staff receive in excess of 24 hours training a year, including: first aid, CPR, medication administration, rights, positive approaches, self-determination, nutrition, programming, and safety. Staff also have the opportunity to participate in training workshops sponsored by outside organizations.

“What makes Passavant different from other agencies?”

Passavant provides a continuum of care for a diverse population of children, adults, and seniors. We support individuals with intellectual disabilities, and individuals in need of mental health supports and services including residential, home and community based, Lifesharing, and vocational and employment centers. Quality and excellence are emphasized in all of our programs. Satisfaction surveys are completed on a regular basis with consumers as well as their families, so Passavant can listen, learn, and provide continual improvement.

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